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Quick Thoughts on DC Rebirth: 7/13 & 7/20 Shipping Dates

I dropped almost all DC books a few years back during the New 52.  The new takes on the characters were not, for the most part, particularly appealing to me.  I won’t judge the books as bad, they were just … Continue reading

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SDCC Not About Comics? Not Hardly!

I had a wonderful time at San Diego Comic Con International 2016… it was my 27th year at the show.   But, whenever SDCC gets mentioned there are a host of people on the internet who  come out of the … Continue reading

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Free Comic Book Day 2016: A Comic Fan’s Holiday…

I’ll say it again…I LOVE Free Comic Book Day.  It’s my favorite holiday of the year.  Comics are a big part of my life.  I wouldn’t have a collection of over 102,000 unique comics (and I’ve read almost all of … Continue reading

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Building a Rack System for Comic Long Boxes

I’ve talked about Comic Houses and Drawer Boxes that can  be bought specifically to hold comics a a fairly efficient way, but this time around I’m going to talk about building a racking system to hold comic long boxes.  I … Continue reading

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New Super-Hero #1s – Jump On or Jump Off?

Have you though about how marketing drives super-hero comics nowadays? Every time a change happens, it seems to spark a new #1 issue.  There was an article on-line with comic retailers bemoaning the fact that comic sales were waning due … Continue reading

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Social Justice Warriors vs. Positive Body Image in Comics

I was prompted to write this blog by a recent click-bait article on BuzzFeed that has so far garnered in excess of 1.6 million views.  Go ahead and click above if you have not seen it yet, I’ll be here … Continue reading

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Managing My Comics Reading/Pull List

Let’s talk about managing your pull list, what are you going to buy, what will need to be cut back?  We’ve all been there, you need to trim back on what you’re reading.  For me, since I pre-order my books … Continue reading

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