About ComicSpectrum

Comic Spectrum is a site by Fans who Love Comics For Fans who Love Comics.

We welcome comments and are looking for experts on different aspects of comics culture to lend their expertise as we continue to expand and enhance our information resources.  There’s a lot of information to be found, and we aim to be a gateway to that information helping you locate many great sites and sources of information while providing valuable insight on the site as well.

We have a lot of regularly updated Blog commentary here on WordPress as well as our main ComicSpectrum website that collects all those Blogs as well as lots of additional information resourcing about buying comics, collecting comics, collecting original art, attending conventions, and more!

Blog entries can be found here.

Go here to contact us (do not just comment on this page).

1 Response to About ComicSpectrum

  1. RG2Cents says:

    Hi! This site is very impressive! I was amazed at how organized you’ve made it! I noticed there’s a webcomic section and was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review of my webcomic(s). “Legends of Whoelterran” is at http://lw.2centstudios , and “When Foxes Fly” is at http://wff.2centstudios.com . Whatever you decide, thanks for taking the time to read my comment!

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