SDCC 2018: Saturday July 21

SDCC Downtown

Traditionally the busiest day of the convention, I generally try to stay up at panels as much as possible and avoid the super-crowded convention floor.  Above is a view of downtown San Diego across from the convention center (taken from the panels level of the convention center).  You can see the masses of people in the street.  LOTS of people have fun experiencing SDCC, and you can even do that without a badge just seeing what is offered in downtown San Diego!


Panel #13: Jack Kirby Artwork Extravaganza
IDW publisher Greg Goldstein and Joe Jusko talk about Kirby’s influence on comics, with Jusko focusing on how Kirby influenced his art and design, and how much fun he has when doing “homage” pieces to Kirby art (as seen below).


A key factor of the magic was what Jusko called the “motion inherent in Kirby’s work”. That dynamism is what he tries to capture so his work doesn’t look static (when he does it right).


(Left to right) Charles Brownstein, Robert Williams, Joyce Farmer, Ron Turner

Panel #14: Outlaw Art: Trials of Underground Comix
Early underground creators Robert Williams artist, founding creator on Zap Comix), Joyce Farmer (artist, co-founder of Tits & Clits), and Ron Turner (Underground Comix publisher)
Hearing these octogenarians talking about run-ins with police & the FBI, censorship, and repression strikes home one point:
young people, you will get old (if you’re lucky). Don’t forget that older people were your age once. People have been fighting the good fight a long time. You are picking up the torch and are the newest in a long line of people who fight for intellectual freedom.


Panel #15: Ray Bradbury and the World of Comics
Bradbury was a big fan of comics and loved interaction with fans. He was at the very 1st SDCC and attended for more than 15 years until his health no longer allowed it.
In comics, his stories we first swiped by EC comics, then after a tactfully worded letter to Bill Gaines paid for, credited and adapted.
Later he would have other associations with comics from DC to Topps comics.


(from left to right): Dave Gibbons, Raphael Albuquerque, Wendy Pini, Joelle Jones, Frank Miller

Panel #16: Artists Who Write
This room was half full. I think a lot of people didn’t bother to read the panel description to see the lineup of talent on the dias. All the creators were very forthcoming in talking about their work, and their interactions with one another brought out lots of fascinating insights on their process of both working solo and with other creators.


Frank Miller, in particular, was very animated, recounting his work in comics and the pros and cons he had encountered in the adaption of his work to the screen.


Panel #17: Oddball Comics
An annual tradition, lots of laughs as Scott Shaw! shows crazy comic covers and adds humorous commentary. Lots of laughs.
He announced that by next year TwoMorrows will have published his book on this topic. It will be an automatic buy for me!

And, of course, there are the covers…. It’s always fun to see some favorites hit the screen accompanied by Shaw’s commentary.

Saturday dinner

Saturday dinner is traditionally spent with my “Comic Con friends” who I see at least every year at con (if not a few times in between).  There were a few who dropped off this year, declaring SDCC “too big”, preferring to concentrate on other cons.  Always sad to see people go.  Of course, it’s VERY challenging to get tickets, so I can understand letting attendance go.

I’m going to attend myself until I am unable to get tickets, SDCC is pretty much the highlight of my year.

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