SDCC 2018: Friday July 20

This Blog is LONG overdue.  The last few months have been a real “overcome by events of life” and my attention to ComicSpectrum have not been at the top of the stack.  I’ve been posting to the Facebook page and putting up the monthly sales Blog, but other blogs and reviews have not been kept up with.  Hopefully I’ll be getting that back on track…starting with the rest of the trip reports from this year’s Comic Con International: San Diego (lovingly still called SDCC by long-time con-goers).

Friday was a great day capped off by one of the better after-hours events I have ever attended at con.  Here is an account of the day:


(left to right) Mark Evanier (moderator), Richard Pini, Wendy Pini, Marv Wolfman, Rick Hoburg, Steve Leialoha, Elliot S! Maggin

Panel #7: That 70s Panel
Always one of my favorites every con (and its predecessors the Silver Age and Golden Age panels). I love hearing creators dish lots of behind the scenes comic stuff.
This year Mark Evanier said: “Tell people about this panel when they say there’s nothing about comics at Comic Con”


Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti

Panel #8: Cup of Joe: 20th Anniversary of Marvel Knights
After a few random questions from the fans Joe Quesada & Jimmy Palmiotti got to some really great stories about the creation of the Marvel Knights books.

IMO this was the turning point when Marvel got back on track after quite a long period of mediocrity. MK laid the groundwork for more creator driven books that put Marvel squarely back in my wheelhouse after I almost completely stopped reading Marvel in the 90s.


Panel #9: Spotlight on Mike Mignola
Nice to see Mignola graciously fielding questions from fans and turning answers into interesting anecdotes like this one:
When asked about Hellboy liking cats, Mignola said “That’s all del Toro. Hellboy in the comics is a dog person.” He added that on the set of the movie in Prague the 30 cats produced a terrific stench, and a veterinarian surmised they must have been sick because “Cats are not supposed to smell like this.”


Panel #10: 2000ad Spotlight on Simon Bisley
Mike Molcher of 2000AD sat down for a conversation with Biz and we got to listen in and learn about his creative process, Lobo, and how to pick up a bass guitar and start playing with no training….
Bisley is quite entertaining.

Panel #11: IDW Publishing Artist’s Edition panel
Very short this year, only talked about a 2nd print of last year’s Bernie Wrightson AE that sold out quickly plus announcing a new Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein AE.


(Left to right): Scott Dunbier, Steve Leialoha, Paul Levitz, Nick Lowe, David Schwartz

Panel #12: Remembering Steve Ditko
An influential artist/creator but a very private person. Very few, if any, people felt like they really knew him. Paul Levitz worked with Ditko on 13 stories. A fan who had corresponded with him for 40 years and met him once at his apartment for 3 hours. Scott Dunbier had talked to him on the phone. Steve Leialoha had inked a few of his projects and said “Hi” once in the Marvel offices. He never liked to talk about his superhero work, but was making new comics that we self-published continuously from about 1968 until his passing.

No one knows if more will come to light when relatives claim his belongings and perhaps attempt to monetize them.
Many wish they knew more about the man, but Ditko himself did not seem to want to be known personally. He let his work speak for him.


Dinner w/Joe Jusko
Hosted by IDW Publishing was an awesome event. In addition to Joe’s company for about 3 hours (and some other great fans/collectors) we got a copy of Joe’s new IDW book: Marvel Masterpieces (highly recommended), a Daredevil print, and the crown jewel: an 11×17 full figure inked commission.


Joe was extremely engaging with everyone in attendance.  He & his wife moved around and had in-depth conversations with every part of the table over the course of the 3-4 hours we were there!  Of course, the highlight was the amazing 11×17 commission he did for each attendee (we had indicated the character we would like about a month before the con).  I asked for Doctor Strange and he went out of his way to emulate very
Ditko-esque elements in the background!


Bob Bretall: By Fans who Love Comics For Fans who Love Comic

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