Quick Thoughts on DC Rebirth: 7/13 & 7/20 Shipping Dates


I dropped almost all DC books a few years back during the New 52.  The new takes on the characters were not, for the most part, particularly appealing to me.  I won’t judge the books as bad, they were just not stories that were interesting to me.  I’m not a “native” DC guy.  My entry into comics was via Marvel.  I came to DC 6 years after I started reading comics and my entry was via Warlord, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Green Lantern.  So, as you might expect, I have a soft spot for Hal Jordan, but my other two “entry points” are no longer actively being published by DC.  I read DC non-stop for 37 years or so before abandoning them during the New52, so it was not a short-term relationship, it was kind of hard for me to drop the titles, but it was time for me to go.

I was extremely excited after the Rebirth one-shot and was looking forward to getting back on board with DC.  Unfortunately, very few of the Rebirth titles have been clicking with me.  I have 3 solid “Yes” titles vs. 9 solid “No” votes.  I’m on the fence about 4 more.  Most of these titles shipped over the past two weeks (I don’t have the books that came out today yet), so let’s have a look at the latest couple of weeks:

Action Comics #959: 4/5 – I’m a bit on the fence with this one.  I’m digging having the “real” Superman back, and fighting his ultimate foe, Doomsday.  That said, the art seemed rushed/incomplete on several pages.  The bi-weekly shipping may be taking it’s toll on how this book looks.

Aquaman #3: 4/5 – This one made it onto my Pull List.  I’m enjoying both the art and the story in this one.  The mixture of politics, action, and terrorism themes make this seem semi-relevant to real life, but in a way that is not off-putting, at least not to me.

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey Rebirth #1: 4/5 – Julie & Shawna Benson did a decent job on weaving “catch up” info in with a new storyline and I enjoyed the art by Claire Roe.  That said, I am really displeased that The Huntress has been turned into a female version of the Punisher with a crossbow.  It’s that last part that make me on the fence about this title.

Batman #3: 4/5 – I thought this was the best issue of the series so far, but given that issue #1 is one of my least favorite Batman comics of all time, it was a pretty low bar to exceed.  I think Tom King is a fine writer, I just do not care for his take on Batman.  This is my last issue of this series.

Detective Comics #936: 4.5/5 – I’m really liking how the team is coming together with Batwoman in a leadership role.  That said, they’re probably going to lose me after the 1st arc because this is getting pulled into a crossover with Batman & Nightwing (2 titles I do not read).

Flash #2 – No review *DROPPED SERIES AFTER #1*

Green Arrow #3 – No review *DROPPED SERIES AFTER #1*

Green Lanterns #3 – No review *DROPPED SERIES AFTER #1*

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Rebirth #1: 4/5 – I enjoyed this one, and I’m a sucker for Van Sciver’s art.  This one is on my Pull List, as I’ve really got a long history with Hal, so I’m giving this one a go.

Hellblazer Rebirth #1: 3/5Moritat’s art seemed inconsistent across this issue.
I also did not care for the inclusion of Wonder Woman, Shazam & Swamp Thing. They seemed shoe-horned into the story and served no purpose other than to provide a cameo that might get a Super-Hero completist to buy the issue.  Finally, the funny little symbols that substitute for swearing got on my nerves. Either swear or do not swear. Don’t do this silly middle ground.  Based on this issue, I’m not going to be continuing with this series.

Justice League #1: 3.5/5 – The story jumped around a lot.  I can appreciate wanting to highlight the various team members, but it made the story seem choppy.  Also, fully on me, but I missed the issue where Wonder Woman got the ability to run around wielding lighting bolts, so that was kind of unexpected.  I’m also not a fan of “global Cataclysm” stories in a shared universe like DC, because when the huge global problem goes completely unmentioned in every other book it just feels strange to me.  Likely not something that bothers a lot of other people so it won’t be a barrier to entry for most people.  This is actually a decent book to read if you are only going to read one book from DC, since writer Bryan Hitch does not seem to bother with worrying about closely matching up with the continuity in the other books and kind of does his own thing.

New Super-Man #1: 3.5/5 – I really disliked the main character (in his civilian identity).  I suspect Gene Yang is going for a redemption type of story arc here where the kid stops being a creep eventually, but that’s not a story arc I’m particularly interested in reading.  Good art, OK story, nothing intrinsically bad here, just not something I cared for.

Nightwing Rebirth #1 – I felt like I had walked in on the middle of something and the story failed to engage me. Too much continuation from stuff I did not read and too little stuff that onboarded me and made me want to read this moving forward.  Pass.

Wonder Woman #2: 5/5 – My absolute favorite of the Rebirth titles I’ve read so far.  I loved the Year One story in this issue and loved Nicola Scott’s art.  I’m also a big fan of how Greg Rucka is telling 2 parallel stories (Nicola Scott art in even issues and Liam Sharp art in odd issues) to work with DC’s bi-weekly shipping schedule so his artist’s don’t need to rotate off in the middle of a story arc.

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