For Fans of Alex Ross Art…

Alex Ross Art

I love Alex Ross art.  Love it.  That said, I know that he is not everyone’s cup of tea.  If you’re not a fan, you can feel free to move on, this post is for fans.

The picture up above is a giclee print I bought at the Warner Brothers store back in 2001.  The image is a massive 34″ x 46″, and the matte and frame make it even bigger.  It’s been hanging over my primary work area at home for about 14 years now and I’m still not tired of it.  Ross shares a love for the classic interpretation of characters that is the vision that comes to my mind when I think of these characters.  We’re simpatico.

Many (most?) comics fans are familiar with his work and have an opinion of it.  Kingdom Come (written by Mark Waid) is probably my favorite comic story of all time.  That’s a dual nod to Waid’s story and what I feel is Ross’ masterful illustration.

But I’m not here to do a full run-down or analysis of Alex Ross.  I’m here to point fellow Ross fans to something I found on the internet this week.  The Norman Rockwell Museum is having an exhibit “Heroes & Villains – The Comic Book Art of Alex Ross” and as part of that exhibit they have some featured pieces of art on the web-site.  The best part is that each of these images also has a short audio clip with Ross talking about the piece. As he talked about the Norman Rockwell sketch “United Nations” it was fascinating to hear the influence this piece had on his Kingdom Come covers.  I’ve always liked to hear artists talking about their artistic influences and how they have influenced and informed the development of their own style.

It’s also fascinating to see some drawings he did when he was 4 and 10 years old.  This should be encouragement to any budding young artists you may know!

If you’re a fan of Ross, I encourage you to check out the web page for the Normal Rockwell exhibit on his work.  The exhibit at the museum happened 2 years ago (as of this posting) and I’m so glad they left the web-page up for us to continue to visit.

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One Response to For Fans of Alex Ross Art…

  1. John Karnes says:

    Possibly unrelated, but very interesting artistic coupling of Ross and Rockwell. Never really thought about this but I would assume that people who like/dislike Ross like/dislike Rockwell.

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