What Comics Share Your Birthday?


Super-Hero comics composite created by Bob Bretall for March, 1962 – All Comics CREDIT their respective Publishers

A few years back I was sitting around looking at some of my favorites comics and it occurred to me that one of my all time favorite comics (Justice League of America #10; “The Fantastic Fingers of Felix Faust”) was actually cover-dated the very month that I was born (March, 1962).  That got me to thinking – What other comics shared my birth month?

At that point I was only a ComicBookDb search away from figuring out a WHOLE BUNCH of comics that were cover-dated with my birth month.  From there, with a bit of editing, I had tribute image shown above.  One thing that was interesting was that there was only one single Marvel super-hero comic on the stands the month I was born, Fantastic Four #3. I actually have a copy of this issue, a friend gave his beat-up copy (probably Good-) to me when he upgraded his to one in a better condition probably close to 20 years ago now when I remarked about how I always thought that issue had a particularly cool cover. I was not cognizant of it being from the month of my birth until I did the search on March 1962 comics that spawned this blog (this all started out as a thread on the 11 O’Cl0ock forums back in 2010) but I remember being drawn to that issue of FF in particular all those years ago. I also picked up my copy of Green lantern #11 years before I came anywhere close to filling in the rest of my GL run.  Why was I drawn to these comics in particular before I ever did the search to see that they shared a cover-date with my birth?  Kind of strange….

It also occurred to me you could go two different ways with this.  Do you want comics that are cover dated with the month/year of your birth or comics that initially went on sale on the month/year of your birth?  Check out the “Newsstand Time Machine” on Mike’s Amazing World of Comics site: http://www.dcindexes.com/features/timemachine.php
This will let you search for comics by either “on sale” or “cover date” month & year.  Neither way is wrong, this is for your own enjoyment, so do whichever way you think works best for you!  If your birthday is early in the month, a comic on sales in the same month you were born may actually have come out after you were born, while any comic cover-dated with your birth month/year actually went on sales some time about 2 months earlier and was likely still on spinner racks somewhere on the day you were born (the cover date is when they were supposed to be taken off sale).  Personally, since I was born in March, I like seeing the “MAR”  on the covers of the ones cover-dated with the month of my birth instead of seeing “MAY” which would be on the comics that actually hit the racks in March.

In any event, I thought this was a cool idea and thought I’d share it. Anyone else should feel free to create their own “Birthday/Comics” images, I’d love to see yours!


  • ComicCollectorLive is a great site that I use to browse for comic covers.  I also used ComicBookDb
  • I reduced all the covers in size to 150 pixels wide to allow me to build a uniform composite image (you can use whatever dimension you want)
    This can be done without fancy software using Paint on my PC or http://www.webresizer.com/resizer/
  • I stitched the individual reduced images together using good old-fashioned cut-and-paste and Paint that comes free with Windows, no fancy software needed!

For folks who are not into the whole “Super-Hero Thing”…

“Comics that Share My Birthday” (March, 1962 – Humor edition)


Humor comics composite created by Bob Bretall for March, 1962 – All Comics CREDIT their respective Publishers

“Comics that Share My Birthday” (March, 1962 – Romance edition)


Romance comics composite created by Bob Bretall for March, 1962 – All Comics CREDIT their respective Publishers

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4 Responses to What Comics Share Your Birthday?

  1. Kirk G says:

    I am very fortunate to have been born at the tale end of baby boomers but as a result, wasn’t quite “up to speed” on the Marvel Universe as it was born… but I did score lots of used comic books that other fans either sold on yard sales or donated to school carnivals… and THAT’s how I scored the early runs of FF, Spidey, Avengers, DD, TTa, ST, Sgt Fury, TOS, and X-men from 1964-65 in 1966!

  2. Kevyn Knox says:

    Great look at a moment in comic book time. You have inspired me to do the same kind of post for my birth month of July ’67. I have Spider-Man #50 (Spider-Man No More) on my list, but none of my covers are near as awesome as that Justice League cover on yours. I need that issue, for the cover alone. Since the oldest comic book I own is from 1970 (Lois Lane #105), I do not yet own any of the ones from my birth month. Yet!

    See ya ’round the web.

  3. rickmcopy says:

    Born in November 1963, sure wish Dad would have scooped up armloads of early Marvel to celebrate the day.

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