SDCC 2014: Bob’s Top 10

Photo credit: Bob Bretall

This is my first year doing a “Top 10” list for Comic Con International: San Diego (aka SDCC) and it is my personal list of favorites.  Some of them may overlap with your areas of interest, but the thing I really love about SDCC is that it’s about 10 different conventions all in one.  Love Hollywood TV/Movies?  They’re there!  Love Marvel/DC super-Heroes?  Check!  Indie Comics?  Meeting creators?  Cosplay?  Original Art?  Gaming?  Toys? Animation? Celebrity watching? Check check check check check check check check!!!

You can customize your convention experience to suit your tastes.  Some areas of interest are going to have much longer lines because they have larger fan-bases.  I was focusing this year on more of a “pure comics track” without the Hollywood/celebrity slant so really didn’t encounter any lines (except when I would get stopped so a huge line could be herded across my path into Hall H or Ballroom 20).  The only thing I wasn’t able to do was get into the Saga panels, mostly because the length of the wait in line exceeded my desire to see the panel.

So, join me in examining the things I personally enjoyed the most this year

>> #10

Honorable Mention: Image Expo: SDCC
This is not technically part of SDCC, it happened Wednesday afternoon before Preview night and was a separately ticketed event. That said, it was an excellent 2 hours for any fan of Image comics.

Eric StephensonPhoto credit: Bob Bretall

Image Comics’ Publisher Eric Stephenson’s keynote speech really hit home for me. If you’re a fan of comics you owe it to yourself to read it.  This was followed by announcement of a large number of upcoming creator-owned series that Image will be publishing and the creators behind them, capped off with Warren Ellis live from the UK via Skype on the big screen!

You can catch a full run-down of the Image Expo announcements here.

Click the link below to move on to item #10 as we count down to my #1 favorite!
(I credit/blame my buddy Trevor for the “each item on a separate page” format, he suggested I do a list like this and he tends to have good ideas, so….)

>> #10

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