SDCC 2014: Bob’s Top 10 – #8

Photo Credit: Bob Bretall

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#8 – Archie Forever: Life, Afterlife, and Beyond
Archie Comics has been quietly reinventing itself with some truly special innovations in the past few years and fans have been taking notice.  Attending the panel (left to right above) were Jon Goldwater (co-CEO/publisher), Victor Gorelick (co-president/editor-in-chief/over 50 years at Archie!!), Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (chief creative officer/writer of Afterlife with Archie), Francesco Francavilla (artist of Afterlife with Archie), Michael Uslan (writer, Farewell, Betty & Veronica), Dan Parent (writer/artist, Kevin Keller), and Mike Pellerito (president).

Recent hits include the supernatural thriller “Afterlife With Archie”, the “Life With Archie” magazine that follows a grown up Archie as he is married to Betty in half the issue and to Veronica in the other half (this is the series that just ended with the death of Archie), some innovative interactive apps including the Archie Comics App that was announced at the panel and has (among other things) 100 free Archie comics.

I had downloaded & installed the Archie Comics app and downloaded some real gem comics before I even walked out of the panel!  I’ve been loving both Afterlife with Archie & Life with Archie.  The preview of the upcoming Sabrina series as well as the re-tooling of their super-heroes under the “Dark Circle” imprint both looked very cool.

During the Q&A they elegantly handled the irate fan who kept asking “Why are you killing Archie??”  “He’s not dead!  He’s alive and well and going on dates in High School!” answered Pellerito.  Obviously the fan was not familiar with multiple alternate continuities, a staple of comics.  To cap it all off they handed out tickets to everyone in attendance to be redeemed at the Archie booth for a bag full of FREE COMICS!  There were 3 TPBs, 2 Life with Archie Magazines, several digests, and a bunch of comics.  Over $100 retail worth of comics!  What a great deal for their fans!

Keep doing what you’re doing Archie!  I had dismissed you for most of my adult life but you’ve turned me around in the last few years with some really great stories!

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