SDCC 2014: Bob’s Top 10 – #3

Photo credit: Bob Bretall

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#3 – Hanging out with friends (old and new)
Sorry folks, you got bumped down to #3 this year…

Any Comic Con is made better when you can hang around with like-minded friends.  Well, like-minded in that we all love comics as an art form, not everyone likes the exact same things and that leads to some lively discussions.  I have a number of friends I have met at past cons and via on-line forums, Facebook, my past forays into podcasting or at ComicSpectrum that I get to meet live and in person at Comic Con which is wonderful!!  Like ComicSpectrum on Facebook, send me e-mails & get to know me, I love people who love comics!

Interaction with friends ranges from attending a panel together and having some time to chat before/after, meeting on the show floor or in a hallway for a short catch-up conversation, or going out to a nice lunch or dinner away from the convention center and being able to spend an hour or more chatting about everything under the sun (with a typical emphasis on comics & pop culture).

Photo credit: Bob Bretall

This year I had a couple of great conversations with Cameron Merkler (founder/owner of DCBS) & his wife.  Plus there was hanging out with friends at the Top of the Hyatt bar (on the 40th floor, what a view!) in between the Image Expo and the convention opening for Preview Night.  After the show floor closed on Preview night a group of us drove up to Old Town San Diego and had a late dinner at the Old Town Mexican Cafe.  There was a great Saturday night dinner with 10 friends at the Kansas City BBQ place across from the Hyatt (the friends were the big draw, the food was average, but I liked the Thom Zahler banner they had up!). Our Saturday night institution, the “Drink & Swap” (invented by my friend Trevor Pearson) where everyone brings comics and TPBs they liked and are willing to give away to a new home where they can be read by someone new.  We talk the night away while getting a whole bunch of new reading material.  For lunch on Sunday 3 of us walked up to Market & 4th and had some truly excellent seafood tacos at Mariscos El Pulpo, which is absolutely going on my “must visit again” list!  There were many more instances this year, but these few stand out.  Interacting with friends at the con has increased my enjoyment of the con 1000% over the past 7 or 8 years that I have been doing it.

I love comics, but comics are made better when you have friends to share them with!

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