DC vs. Marvel – Marvel NOW & again…

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The Prize?
Bob’s soul? 

Well, maybe not, but at least his “Big 2” comics $$$.

Well,  that took a LOT longer than I had anticipated.  I caught up on my DC comics and assessed what I was liking a lot and not so much back on July 7th on this Blog.  I was hoping to catch up on Marvel before San Diego Comic Con, but that didn’t happen but I did finally catch up on all my Marvel reading this weekend.  This includes a bunch of comics that I had stopped buying as new issues but that I have managed to pick up for $1 an issue on-line.   Even with the popularity of Marvel NOW books, I still seem to be able to find books available for $1 each on the back issue market, which is great  because it let me give another read & chance to some books I had stopped getting new after the first issue or 2 like Captain America, Iron Man, and Uncanny Avengers.

I’m going to evaluate my current Marvel reading and talk about what’s making it onto my pre-order pull-list (that I always post on the ComicSpectrum web-site).

Comics I really enjoyed:


  • Daredevil – Mark Waid has been doing  a great job on this book.
  • Fury MAX – GREAT series, one of the best with Fury ever, but it ended with #13.  That said, very non-super-heroey.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – The only Bendis super-hero book I’m really loving right now.
  • Hawkeye – My favorite Marvel book right now, Matt Fraction is doing a bang-up job on this, nice stand-alone stories for the most part.
  • Indestructible Hulk – Another fresh take on a classic Marvel Hero being done really well by Mark Waid.
  • Morbius – Didn’t expect to like this as much as I do.  Morbius in Brownsville, who’d have thought Joe Keatinge could make it so interesting?
  • New Avengers – Should be called “The Illuminati”.  The sheer fact that this is more dialogue driven with less action is what makes it interesting to me.  A counterpoint to Hickman’s main Avengers book that is very action-heavy.
  • Nova  – A new take on Nova with a completely new kid that I went into thinking I’d not like the new take, but it really grabbed me.  Jeph Loeb is doing a nice job on this.
  • Superior Spider-Man – Not Spider-Man but a good “What of Doc Ock dressed up as Spider-Man” story.
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates – Really kicked up a notch when Josh Fialkov came on as writer.  Not that enthused about the art by diGiandomenico, but the story is really captivating.
  • Young Avengers – Very stand-alone series, which I’m really enjoying.  Not something that has been getting crossed over onto a lot of other Marvel books.

There have been some announced creative changes that have affected me.  One thing I have found is that I am very creator driven now, whereas when I was younger I’d just buy a series or a character wherever they appeared.  Now, if I am not a fan of a particular artist or writer I just skip those issues.  All the reboots to new #1s has really driven me off the “need every one” mentality.


  • Fantastic Four / FF – Family aspect is the key here. Fraction does a good job following Hickman, but not as good on writing Valeria.  This is a writer-driven series and I am VERY leery of the fact now that he’s handing off F4 to Karl Kesel & FF to Allred.
  • Savage Wolverine – LOVED the initial story arc by Frank Cho.  Dropped it after that.
  • Secret Avengers – Very worried with Nick Spencer leaving and turning the writing over to Ed Brisson.
  • Wolverine – I’ve enjoyed the ones by Paul Cornell/Alan Davis.  Skipped the ones with art by Mirco Pierfederici.

Comics that were OK, but not anything I was extremely excited about:

JimFDRed She-Hulk

  • All-New X-Men – Pacing of story is not my favorite and the basic concept of the Original X-Men running around interacting with current day Marvel U for this length of time does not feel right to me.  Bendis has some really nice moments in thei series embedded with a lot of stuff that just does not click with me.
  • Avengers – This is really inconsistent for me.  Liked the issues with the New Universe characters.  Not a fan of Ex Nihilo or the “origin bomb” stuff.  Not a fan of Deodato’s current art style on this series.  I’ll keep an eye out for issues in $1 bins.
  • Avengers A.I. – Just didn’t grab me
  • Avenging Spider-Man – Kind of cool to see Doc Ock squaring off against classic Spidey villains & “collecting” them.
  • Daredevil: Dark Nights – I’ll pick up the rest of this series out of $1 bins.
  • Fearless Defenders – OK, but not something I am really into.
  • Journey Into Mystery – Liked the Tales of Asgard interludes more than the Sif/Beta Ray Bill stuff
  • Red She Hulk – Hanging around with Machine Man on Route 616 is OK, but not enough to keep me coming back each month.
  • Superior Foes of Spider-Man – Not really a Spider-Man story, so I don’t need to deal with Ock-Spidey.  Focuses on Bopomerang & his crew & was pretty good, I will pick up more issues of this.
  • Thunderbolts – Kind of a mixed bag.  Liked the 1st run with Way/Dillon then it became less interesting with Way/Noto and finally when it switched to Soule as writer I loss interest altogether.
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man – Picked up the Venom War & Spider-Man No More storylines.  Not bad but really did nothing for me.
  • Ultimate Comics Wolverine – OK tale of an the Ultimate Universe Wolverine’s son, Jimmy, but I’ll stick with the “real” Wolverine.
  • Wolverine – loved it by Paul Cornell/Alan Davis moved to “OK” when art team switched.
  • Wolverine Max – Tried from $1 bin.  Mixed bag, some issues better than others.

Stuff that I did not particularly care for:
All these thoughts & feeling are highly subjective, YMMV.  Just based on where I’m personally coming from and what I think “feels right” for a character, or at least what I want to read about.

AAHunger UncAv

  • Age of Ultron – Would have been a GREAT 4 issue series.  At 10 issues it felt padded and lots of self-important but unnecessary double-page spreads
  • Avengers Arena – I can’t seem to get into caring about any of the characters.
  • Avengers Assemble / Captain Marvel – I just am not clicking with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s writing
  • Captain America – Tried this again with #7, this is just not my Cap, galavanting around with a beard in Dimension Z.
  • Hunger – Did not care for a merger of 616 Galactus & Ultimate Gah Lak Tus.  Also did not help that this was totally an Ultimate Universe book that had zero trade dress to indicate that this was the case.
  • Iron Man – I cannot get past the ugly space armor they have him in, plus I’m not sure why they are compelled to muck with his back-story like they are.
  • Savage Wolverine (Wells/Madureira) – Art & story both not doing it for me.
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men – Cannot get into Ultimate X-Men any more than regular ones.
  • Uncanny Avengers – Reads (to me) like an X-Men book, which is wonderful for people who like X-Men books.

So, there you have it.  I read through 39 different titles (coincidentally the same # of titles I read for DC), probably 150 total comics.  I loved about a third of the total issues read and there are 11 that will have a spot on my ongoing pull list.

Next up: The verdict

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