San Diego Comic Con 2013 – Part 3 (Sunday!)

Completing this year’s sojourn to “The Greatest Show on Earth” (it’s NOT Ringling Bros., but can be a circus at times)……

IMG_6135Sunday started out with some quick wandering about on the floor, it was not that crowded early on, a lot of folks were likely recovering from late night Saturday parties.  I stopped by the Sideshow booth & snapped some pics of upcoming items.  The J. Scott Campbell designed statues of MJ & Gwen stood out for me personally, I think I’ll be adding these to my collection:

IMG_6130 IMG_6129

My first panel was the annual Jack Kirby Tribute panel with Neil Gaiman, Tony Isabella, Kirby family attorney Paul S. Levine and Mark Evanier discussing Jack’s influence on comics, film, and pop culture.  With Argo out this past year, they of course touched on the fact that Jack was the artist who did the storyboards for the “film that never was”.   Fascinating hearing Neil Gaiman talk about getting Kirby comics in England when he was growing up and how they stood out from the other comics on the rack.

Then back down to the floor, I was able to pick up my sketch of Cursed Pirate Girl by Jeremy Bastian.  He was only taking 4 commission requests at the show (mine was #3).  ComicSpectrum contributor Andrew Sanford got #4, and Jeremy did NOT finish it at the show & will have to mail it to him later.  Jeremy ages the paper and tries to make it look like old parchment….The detail work on this and on Jeremy’s original art (he had some pages with him for viewing, not for sale) is amazing.  He draws his originals at 8″ x 10″ and still crams in all that detailed linework!


I was also able to pick up a set of the show exclusive “Super Best Friends” PVC statues that Al had been showing off at dinner and also the show exclusive Spider-Ham mini-bust from Gentle Giant:

IMG_6275Lunchtime rolled around & I went over to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Trev & Tony, about 1 block from the convention center & we each had spaghetti & meatballs for about what a slice of pizza would have cost inside the con

MeatballsBack at the con we attended Cover Story: The Art of the Cover, another Mark Evanier moderated panel (this guy is my “god of San Diego panels”).  The format here is to put up images of 5 covers from each of the featured artists & have them talk about them.  Pretty simple and equally informative/entertaining if you’re a fan of comics art.  This year the featured artists were Jerry Ordway, Gary Frank, Dan Jurgens, and Chris Samnee.

That took us up to 3pm on Sunday, I had originally planned to hit some more panels but instead went down to the floor with Trev, Tony, and Scott and we shopped for comics!  Along the way we joined up with Andrew and Lisa and finished off the show snatching up some last minute deals.  This was actually the first time all con I actually shopped for back issue comics!  I spent most of my time in panels or chatting with artists.  I picked up Journey into Mystery #100 from Harley Yee for a pretty decent price:

JIM100Probably the funnest was in the last 30 minutes or so when a booth was having a sale on old comics, including Dell/GoldKey stuff for $5 each.  Trev, Scott, and I were grabbing a lot of good stuff, I was leaning more towards Carl Barks Disney Ducks and some Dells with painted covers because I already had all the super-hero stuff they had to offer.  The big “gets” were Uncle Scrooge #14 and a WDC&S with a Walt Kelly cover.  I also picked up an issue of Tower’s “Tippy Teen” which was reprinted (with new word balloons) as the Atlas comic “Vicki”:”

IMG_6276That was the end of San Diego 2013 at the convention center.  Do not let anyone tell you that this show is not comics friendly.  I had specifically comic-book related fun this year than in any of my previous 22 years.

We capped off the day with dinner at Searsucker in the Gaslamp & dessert at the Ghirardelli’s three doors down.  A bit expensive, but I must say that the brussels sprouts with walnuts were quite good!

Sunday Dinner - SDCC 2013back row l-to-r: Trev, Tony, Scott
front row l-to-r: Bob, Andrew, Lisa

Another con for the record books!  Thanks to all the folks I got to hang around with, you made the con at least as much fun as the panels & creators!

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One Response to San Diego Comic Con 2013 – Part 3 (Sunday!)

  1. Shawn Hoklas says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. The Cover Story panel sounds fantastic and I love the cover of Scrooge making cookies! Thanks for the recap.

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