Best Laid Plans often go astray…..

Wow!   This week has been kicking my butt!

Last week I caught up on my DC reading and talked about my feeling of the DC line-up in general (I’m liking a handful of series but way fewer than I have in the past) and had planned to repeat this for Marvel by catching up on my Marvel books this past week.  This did not happen.

SavageWolverine4 Nova4 NewAv7

I made it through Savage Wolverine, Nova, and New Avengers.  Loved the Frank Cho issues of Savage Wolverine, but the Zeb Wells/Joe Madureira issues left me kind of cold.  Nova & New Avengers were both outstanding.

On Saturday my desktop machine started acting up.  Spent some time backing up my data as a precaution and I was glad I did.  By Sunday the desktop was pretty much dead.  I ended up getting a new machine (with a new OS to me, Windows 8) and I spent a couple of days getting that set up.  Finished just in time for work to get really busy.  I had to shepherd my business unit though a combined ISO 9001/27001 audit (we made it through just fine, a few minor observations that I know how I’ll be remediating).  And I  got contacted by #ThisIsGuavo last week, they want to do a video feature on me about my comic collection (they’ll be coming out to shoot video on Monday).   Back to sprucing up the comic room!  The plan is to get word out on me & my collection in the timeframe of the San Diego Comic-Con.  By the way, yes, I did get a press pass to SDCC for the ComicSpectrum site, so I am also preparing for Con and I’ll be attending Wed July 17th thru Sunday July 21st.

So, I’ve been a bit busy.  I’m not going to be catching up on my Marvel comics reading until AFTER ComicCon.  My assessment of Marvel and the comparison to DC will be coming.   After that I’ll do a survey of Indie books I’ve been reading.

If you’re going to be at San Diego Con and want to touch base, give me a shout at my e-mail address below or message me on Twitter @ComicSpectrum

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