Bob’s SDCC Panel Wish List

I used Comic Con’s MySchedule app to build a preliminary cut at what I’m thinking of doing at Comic con coming up in a bit over a week….

At this point this is my wish list based on what looked interesting to me when I took an initial look through all the stuff that was available.  This may change, but the app makes it easy to manage that.  I’ll also need to build in some time to be prowling around the show floor.

UPDATED Saturday July 13th……

Comic-Con 2013

Bob Bretall‘s Schedule

July 18 • Thursday

 10:00AM – 11:00AM 1 Flesk Publications Exposed! The Artists Spill Their Guts! The Truth Behind the Spectrum Transition! Room 32AB
 12:00PM –  1:00PM 1 Spotlight on Chris Samnee Room 7AB
  1:00PM –  2:00PM 1 CBLDF’s Comics on Trial, Part 1-A National Disgrace: Moral Panic and the Birth of the Comics Code Room 30CDE
  1:00PM –  2:00PM 1 Dark Horse: (Super)Powered by Creators Room 23ABC
  1:00PM –  2:00PM 1 Superman: The Julie Schwartz Era Room 5AB
  2:30PM –  3:30PM 1 The Sergio and Mark Show Room 8
  3:30PM –  4:30PM 1 IDW: Focus on Artist’s Editions Room 4
  4:30PM –  5:30PM 1 Spotlight on J. H. Williams Room 8
  5:45PM –  6:45PM 1 Vertigo: Defy Room 6DE
  7:00PM –  8:00PM 1 Family Feud: The Comics Blogging Panel Room 23ABC

July 19 • Friday

 10:00AM – 11:00AM 1 Spotlight on Tony Isabella Room 9
 11:00AM – 12:00PM 1 The Oni Press RevoluONIze Comics Panel Room 32AB
 12:00PM –  1:00PM 1 Rocket Ships, Laser Guns, and Dystopias Room 23ABC
 12:00PM –  1:00PM 1 Titan Comics: Launching at SDCC and Beyond! Room 32AB
  1:45PM –  3:00PM 1 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC Ballroom 20
  2:00PM –  3:00PM 1 A Tribute to Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics Books Room 25ABC
  3:00PM –  4:00PM 1 Four Colors of Fear: Horror in Comics Past and Present Room 23ABC
  3:00PM –  4:00PM 1 Remembering Carmine Infantino Room 4
  4:00PM –  5:00PM 1 Celebrating Strangers in Paradise’s 20th Anniversary with Terry Moore Room 23ABC
  4:00PM –  5:00PM 1 IDW: The Panel to End All Panels Room 4
  5:30PM –  6:30PM 1 A Celebration of Walt Kelly’s 100th Birthday Room 8
  6:30PM –  7:30PM 1 Arcana Comics: HeadSmash’ing into Comics, Film, and More Room 26AB
  8:00PM – 10:00PM 1 Syfy Presents the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

July 20 • Saturday

 10:00AM – 11:00AM 1 Remembering Joe Kubert Room 4
 11:45AM –  1:00PM 1 Quick Draw! Room 6BCF
  1:00PM –  2:00PM 1 Image Comics and the Genre Fiction Renaissance Room 7AB
  2:00PM –  3:00PM 1 Will Eisner and the Graphic Novel Room 23ABC
  3:00PM –  4:00PM 1 Spotlight on George Pérez Room 7AB
  3:00PM –  4:00PM 1 Spotlight on Gerry Conway: Secrets Behind the Death of Gwen Stacy Room 9
  3:15PM –  4:15PM 1 Vertigo: The Sandman 25th Anniversary and Beyond! Room 6DE
  4:00PM –  5:30PM 1 Oddball Comics with Scott Shaw! Room 7AB
  4:30PM –  6:00PM 1 That ’70s Panel Room 5AB
  7:30PM –  9:30PM 1 CBLDF Live Art Auction! Sapphire Ballroom CD, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
  8:00PM –  9:00PM 1 Valiant Comics: The Unofficial ‘Second Summer of Valiant’ Room 4

July 21 • Sunday

 10:00AM – 11:15AM 1 Jack Kirby Tribute Panel Room 5AB
 10:00AM – 11:00AM 1 Spotlight on Mike Norton Room 4
 12:15PM –  1:45PM 1 CBLDF’s Banned Comics Jam! Room 5AB
  2:00PM –  3:00PM 1 Cover Story: The Art of the Cover Room 25ABC
  3:00PM –  4:00PM 1 Spotlight on Neil Gaiman Room 6DE
  3:30PM –  4:30PM 1 First Second: Gene Yang and Paul Pope In Conversation Room 26AB
  3:45PM –  5:00PM 1 Pro/Fan Trivia Match Room 5AB

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