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San Diego Comic Con 2013….Great year at the Grandfather of all Comic Cons

2013 marked my 23rd straight year attending what used to be the “San Diego Comic Con” and is now branded as “Comic Con International: San Diego”. Tony Isabella, on his Spotlight panel, made a very true statement.  He said something … Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans often go astray…..

Wow!   This week has been kicking my butt! Last week I caught up on my DC reading and talked about my feeling of the DC line-up in general (I’m liking a handful of series but way fewer than I have … Continue reading

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Bob’s SDCC Panel Wish List

I used Comic Con’s MySchedule app to build a preliminary cut at what I’m thinking of doing at Comic con coming up in a bit over a week…. At this point this is my wish list based on what looked … Continue reading

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DC vs. Marvel – DC has been losing me lately

  VS.   The Prize? Bob’s soul?  Well, maybe not, but at least his “Big 2” comics $$$. There has always been a different “feel” between Marvel & DC comics to me.  Somewhat hard to put your finger on, but … Continue reading

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